Admissions and Referrals


  • Nurses Kim, Cari, Connie and Jessica were all the absolute embodiment of everything a nurse should be: Caring, Kind, Patient, Professional, Tender, Thorough and Precise. During the five weeks following my surgery, I was informed everyday of when and whom I would be seeing, the nurses were prompt and punctual, and should I have scheduling conflicts, they would cooperate seamlessly to ensure I got tended to. I cannot stress to you enough how wonderful ALL of these nurses were.

    With this consistent standard of the highest quality staff, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment in recommending Sunshine Home HealthCare in the strongest way possible to anyone looking for medical care at home. Simply put: Sunshine Home Healthcare is a first rate medical service in an industry that often seems to forget that courtesy, patience and caring is often the best medicine. Thank you Sunshine!

    -Adrian H.

    Thank you to Marcie, Billie, and Pat for all of the wonderful therapy while my mom was at Vintage Park of Lenexa. She really enjoyed her therapy sessions and even commented the other day how Marcie “really makes you feel good about yourself.” Thank you all for your patience and compassion.

    -Kim H.

    My experience with Daren M. (PT) have totally changed my negative opinion about therapist. He was always punctual, helpful and considerate in developing and assisting my therapy. His manner was always pleasant and he was able to develop ways of making difficult exercises easier, keeping my pain and endurance levels in mind! None of this was what I had necessarily experienced before!

    Daren always encouraged me, giving me confidence in my own abilities to meet my physical goals, especially as he assisted the mobility chair employee “streamline” the chair so I can use it easier then I’d feared.

    I hope that Sunshine and Daren will accept my appreciation for his care! I wish him the best.

    - Sheri G

    Cheryl (RN) is knowledgeable, helpful, and careful about medications. She keeps in touch with my doctor and sees that he gets what he needs.

    -Sadi N.

Admissions and Referrals

If you or a loved one needs a referral for home health care, we can help. Please call us anytime 24- hours, 7 days a week and a team member of Sunshine Home Health Care will be happy to answer your questions.

Physician Referral

If you are referring a patient, please contact our office at 913-724-7500 or fax signed MD orders, pt. demographics, H&P, and current med list to 913-724-7504.

What is Sunshine’s Admission Process?

24 hours after we receive a referral, one of our skilled team members visits the patient and his or her family in their home. A member of our team will thoroughly assess the patient’s needs, explain our services, answer questions and provide the benefit of our services. We also consult with the patient’s doctor to ensure that home health care is an appropriate choice. Finally, we will have the patient or medical DPOA sign consent to treat form to confirm that home health care is the patient’s desired treatment. Once signed, all ordered disciplines can begin services usually within the following 24 hours.

Who Qualifies for Home Health Care

Anyone who has recently experienced a change in medication or health condition, had a recent or past hospitalization, and currently experiences difficulty leaving home may qualify for home care. Common reasons for home care include:
• Wound care
• Diabetes
• Physical therapy
• Home Infusion therapy
• Any disease process that is—or should be—managed by a physician
• Medication Education
• Requiring professional help in understanding and managing personal health care.

Our care teams offer the tools that will help you or your loved one regain and retain optimal health. And since health care instruction is one of our highest priorities, our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning your health and comfort.

When is Home Health Care Appropriate?

You don’t have to wait for a physician to recommend home health care. Anytime it becomes more comfortable and convenient to receive care at home or in a care facility, home health care may be an option. Most patients find home care a more pleasant and satisfying way to heal. Simply ask your doctor if it would be appropriate for you. Please call us at 913-724-7500 if you have any questions about qualifying for home health care.